• Coquette Couture shop owner, Kayleen explains to us, "Staying in shape and eating healthy is always one of my top priorities week-to-week." She's a driven a gal with goals always on her mind. Which is why we sat down to visit about what a typical 3 day healthy diet looks like for her. "I'm not al... View Post
  • Cafe Date Essentials

    You guys!!!! The crisp air of fall is literally right around the corner. Well actually, for those who get that warm-fuzzy, tingly, heart-warming, boost-of-endorphins, feeling inside with the first sniff of fall air, it's been here since late July. Anybody else? We know we're not the only ones. Ei... View Post
  • DIY: Boho Hula Hoop Hideout

    Who could forget the magical Boho scene from last fall's look book? Mixing golden hour, the perfect Coquette pieces, and a colorful Boho hula hoop hideout. For those who know shop owner, Kayleen know how crafty this talented lady is. Building props, like this Boho hula hoop hideout for our look b... View Post