After like five months of winter, we are all starting to get spring fever. Before you know it, it'll be spring, and you'll be ready to sport  your new spring wardrobe. We rounded up seven of our new favorite pieces that we find are essential for spring.

1). Purses. New season. New bag. Enough said.

2). Kimono. Sometimes the weather is still a bit chilly to be sporting a cute tank without anything else, but it's too warm to wear a cardigan. The solution? A kimono. Light and airy (of course in floral print), but covers you up.

3). Floral Prints. We stated the obvious. Spring is the season for renewal and blooms. There is something about floral patterns that can make you look delicate, but if you pair it with an edgy piece, say a leather jacket, everyone better watch out.

4). Ankle Booties. Our Dolce Vita booties are the cutest thing since puppies. The reason we love them? You can wear them with anything. A cute sundress? Yes. Ankle pants? Yes. A romper? Yes. You see what we mean?

5). Spring Plaid Flannels. Don't you wish you could wear flannels year round? Now you can with our Wrangler top. This plaid print is the perfect spring color in a pale blue/gray. The material is light and airy. Literally, the perfect combo.

6). Long Jewelry. Jewelry always makes a pop. Especially with a plain shirt. We have got a ton of new necklaces that you can mix and match this season.

7). Floppy Hats! Seriously. So. Effin. Adorable. We love floppy hats because you can wear them in any season. Since spring tends to be windy and rainy at times, don't let a bad hair day ruin your outfit. Throw on one of our floppy hats, and you're ready to rock.

What pieces are you going to incorporate into your spring wardrobe?

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