Your Valentine Basics

Valentine's day is right around the corner and whether you're going out with your bae, or staying home chugging wine with your besties, make sure you look good & have your basics. 

1). A killer outfit. Is this even a question? If you're having trouble picking out an outfit, stop in and let one of us help style you. We have an outfit for everyone - From casual to glam, we've go you covered. 

2). Jewelry! Like lots and lots of it. The beautiful thing about our jewelry pieces is that you can mix, match and layer them. Stack up the rings, double up on necklaces, or make a statement with our Leslie Francesca Drop Earrings. 

3). Shoes. Whether it be heels, boots, or flats, we have them all. Throw on a pair of shoes to complete your ensemble. 

4). Clutch. Seriously, who the f$^! said a girl's best friend were diamonds? So not true. A girl loves her purse, but sometimes, you need to get rid of the bulky thing. Our Nena & Co. and BedStu clutches are perfect for V-day. Small enough to carry, yet there's enough room for your essentials: lipstick, perfume, keys, and cards. Best part? There is a wristlet loop so you won't lose it.

5). BUBBLY. This is a no brainer, and a just-because. You gotta pop some champagne, or vino, or bottles of beer. Something! If your night was awesome, or terrible, kickback, pour yourself a glass (or five), and enjoy. 

We hope you lovelies have a fabulous Valentine's Day. We know you'll look good no matter what you do. ;)

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