The holidays are pure magic. It's no secret we like to celebrate the season, cocktail in hand. Festive drinks make every get together a little more merry. We're sharing with you all a few of our favorite wintry cocktails this season. Cheers! 

Spiked Hot Cocoa:

Everyone loves a good 'ole cup of hot chocolate. What makes it even better is Genepy Des Alpes Liquor. Genepy is a peppermint liquor that doesn't overpower. If you love chocolate and peppermint...this combination was made for you. Simply make a cup of your favorite hot cocoa, and add a shot (or two) of Genepy Des Alpes. We recommend a 1 ounce pour for every 8 ounces of hot chocolate. Dress up your beverage by adding crushed peppermint, marshmallows, and chocolate drizzle. 

Cranberry Martini:

Easy peasy lemon squeezie is all we have to say about this one. Three parts vodka, 1 part cranberry juice. Add a skewer of cranberries, and toast to a tasty cocktail!


Do we need to say more? Break out the bubbly with your favorite people. Cheers!


Have a safe and happy new year, Coquettes! 

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