6 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

It's that time of year again...scarf season! If you live in the midwest, you will probably be wearing scarves for the next five months. This year, blanket scarves are more popular than ever. They are super cozy and are basically a blanket, but they can be a little hard to style sometimes. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear them. 

1). The Knot. Fold your blanket scarf in half, place it around your neck, and pull the two sides through the loop. Simple enough. 

2). Belt It. Wanna keep it casual, but look like you tried? Wrap yourself in the scarf, and add a belt across the waist. If your scarf has different patterned sides, you can get two different looks from the same scarf!

3). Off-the Shoulder Wrap. Hang the scarf right over your shoulders and tie a knot with the ends. Perfect if a scarf falling off your shoulders pesters you. 

4). The Cape. You may or may not look like a  stylish superhero. Give yourself a big hug and wrap your scarf across your upper body. This style gives you enough room to move freely while keeping you cuddled up and warm. Guaranteed. 

5). Tried and True- it never fails. Start with your scarf in front of your neck in it's full form, drape it across your shoulders, and pull the corners forwards. 

6). The Hoodie. Cold winter winds, snow fall, and frizz don't go well together. Wrap up your head to keep the heat in, and melting snowflakes out. Start with the scarf behind your head, head directly in the middle, and wrap one end around your shoulder, while the other end hangs down. You can use this piece to shield your face from the cold when you get outside. 


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