Fall Essentials

Pumpkin spice. Sweaters. Layers. Leaves falling. What does it all mean? It means fall is here! Here are a few of our fall essentials. 

1. Plaid. Plaid. And more plaid. We love plaid. On shirts, or jackets, there is just something about a plaid flannel that says fall. Our favorites are ones that have more neutral tones, reds, and dark greens in them. 

2. Scarves. On a chilly morning, a scarf is the perfect accessory to throw on and keep you warm. Find a bigger, chunkier scarf to incorporate into your outfits this fall. A simple touch that makes a statement. 

3. Layers. "You're hot then you're cold." We secretly think Katy Perry was talking about fall weather when she wrote Hot N Cold. In the morning it's freezing, then by the afternoon your burning hot again. The solution to this dilemma while still looking good? Layers. Layer your favorite flannel over a tank top, throw on a scarf, and a light-weight jacket to complete the look. If you get warmer through the day, you can adjust appropriately. 

4. Boots. Ridding boots, combat boots, booties, we love them all! Boots are the perfect piece for fall because they make transitioning outfits so easy. Take your favorite summer dress and add boots and a cardigan to make your outfit ready for fall. Plus, boots make outfits seem a little more chic, and they keep your feet warm! 

Lastly, throw it all together, and you have one rocking fall outfit. 

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