DIY: Boho Hula Hoop Hideout

Who could forget the magical Boho scene from last fall's look book? Mixing golden hour, the perfect Coquette pieces, and a colorful Boho hula hoop hideout. For those who know shop owner, Kayleen know how crafty this talented lady is. Building props, like this Boho hula hoop hideout for our look book sets is one of the best parts of the job. Kayleen demonstrates how she crafted this dream-worthy hideout.        


1. Hula hoop (the bigger the hoop, the bigger the tee pee)
2. Curtain Panels (color of your choosing)
4. Scissors 


1. Tie window panels around the hula hoop. Don't tie them too tight, so you can slide them around.  

2. Cut two long pieces of twine. Tie one side to the hula hoop and with excess slack, tie to the other side.  Do not tie extremely tight, so you can adjust the height as needed. Do the same on the opposite direction. Hang where the X meets.  
3. Grab your pillows, blankets, magazines, wine glass, and create your Boho hide out!

Enjoy your perfect hideout! :) 

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