With summer comes short shorts and swimsuits. We found a great way to rid of cellulite in problem areas to make bikini season a little less terrifying.

You will need: a bristle shower brush, coffee scrub, and anti-aging night cream.

Let your shower water warm as you buff your skin with the bristle brush. You may need to start with a softer brush and work your way up to a coarser bristle. Scrub fairly hard on the spots that need to be treated.

Hop in the shower and apply the coffee scrub, vigorously. We recommend our favorite handmade, all-natural Simple Sugars coffee scrub. Come check it out in the store!

Once you’re done, use your towel to pat dry your skin. Then apply the night cream to the areas you just treated. Olay Age Defying Anti Wrinkle Night Cream is our go to, but any anti wrinkle cream would work.

Not only is this regimen effective it smells amazing too! Cheers to showing some leg this summer!

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