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  • Easter Umbrellas

    Posted on March 23 2016

    This year, we are putting a twist on traditional Easter baskets. We bring to you unique and chic...Easter umbrellas. We love the idea of substituting the regular Easter basket with an umbrella because chances are the person receiving the gift is more likely to use an umbrella than a basket. Plus, as mentioned earlier, it's totally different and fun.

    Steps to starting your project:


    Step #1: Find an umbrella that is fun and not basic. Have you seen how ahh-dorable our new Coquette umbrellas are? *hint, hint* 

    Stop #2: Fill the base with almost anything. Here are a few of our favorite items:

    • Coffee cups
    • Candles
    • Jewelry
    • Spring tops
    • Scarf (use a scarf, or shirt instead of using Easter grass)
    • notepads
    • CANDY!

    You can take the creative credit on this one. We won't tell. ;)

  • Spring Pieces You Need in Your Closet

    Posted on March 04 2016

    After like five months of winter, we are all starting to get spring fever. Before you know it, it'll be spring, and you'll be ready to sport  your new spring wardrobe. We rounded up seven of our new favorite pieces that we find are essential for spring.

    1). Purses. New season. New bag. Enough said.

    2). Kimono. Sometimes the weather is still a bit chilly to be sporting a cute tank without anything else, but it's too warm to wear a cardigan. The solution? A kimono. Light and airy (of course in floral print), but covers you up.

    3). Floral Prints. We stated the obvious. Spring is the season for renewal and blooms. There is something about floral patterns that can make you look delicate, but if you pair it with an edgy piece, say a leather jacket, everyone better watch out.

    4). Ankle Booties. Our Dolce Vita booties are the cutest thing since puppies. The reason we love them? You can wear them with anything. A cute sundress? Yes. Ankle pants? Yes. A romper? Yes. You see what we mean?

    5). Spring Plaid Flannels. Don't you wish you could wear flannels year round? Now you can with our Wrangler top. This plaid print is the perfect spring color in a pale blue/gray. The material is light and airy. Literally, the perfect combo.

    6). Long Jewelry. Jewelry always makes a pop. Especially with a plain shirt. We have got a ton of new necklaces that you can mix and match this season.

    7). Floppy Hats! Seriously. So. Effin. Adorable. We love floppy hats because you can wear them in any season. Since spring tends to be windy and rainy at times, don't let a bad hair day ruin your outfit. Throw on one of our floppy hats, and you're ready to rock.

    What pieces are you going to incorporate into your spring wardrobe?

  • The Sassy Stylist

    Posted on February 24 2016

    Meet our sassy stylist and Coquette Couture store owner, Kayleen Leonard. She has a love for puppies, wine, and of course, badass-style. Kayleen shares some killer tips when it comes to styling outfits. You may want to take notes.


    How would you describe your style?

    My style is easy; I love a good pair of jeans and a tee. If I stay super basic with those then I can load up on cool accessories. My favorite pieces are the bullet necklace, a cool jacket, and an amazing pair of shoes, always. I have noticed my style has gotten a little edgier, but I do love any and every floral print and pairing leather with it. I like to mix hard and soft aspects into my wardrobe.  

    What is one of your favorite style hacks?
    I wouldn't really say its a "hack", but pinterest is a great tool. I use it all the time, especially when I find something I am obsessed with but not really sure how I want to wear it. I have this weird thing going on with baseball caps at the moment. I've mastered the every day look with it, so my next challenge is dressing one up with leather coated jeans, heels, and a blazer. Stay tuned.
    Who do you get your style inspiration from?
    Honestly, I wish I could say I knew. I run across a lot of bloggers on Instagram, and honestly I just wear what I like and what looks good on me. I have these AH-MAZING gold sequined Jimmy Choo sneakers that I am obsessed with. So many people have told me how ugly they are, but I could give a shit about what they think because I think they are completely bad ass.  

    Worst style memory?
    All of high school.  I was a walking billboard for Abercrombie & Fitch.  The best part is I got voted "Best Dressed".  Also, monogrammed Coach and Dooney & Bourke bags were my thing for a while which is incredibly embarrassing and makes me question all life decisions from age 14 to 17. *We decided not to feature those pictures out this time around* ;)

    What are your closet staples?
    JACKETS and good booty denim. You can wear an old ratty tee but if you throw a leather jacket over it, you will look cool as hell! I promise. Also, I have a theory. If your booty looks good, you feel good. Invest in some QUALITY denim. It make take some time, but once you find the  ones you love, buy 97 pairs.   

    What is your best style advice you share with others?
    Wear what you want. People put so much focus on what's trendy and what's not.  If I like it I buy it even if it is "last season". Except chevron, never buy that (just kidding...but not really). If you see a trend you love, try it!  Just make sure you do it in a way that flatters your body type. For instance, I love a good crop top but I don't have rock hard abs so mid rise denim that fits like a glove is a must-have to make it work.

    How do you style outfits when it comes to others? (How do you tap into their style when it’s different from yours?)
    Haha I'm sure trial and error isn't a great answer? I usually just watch what they are drawn too. Everyone has a style, but they just don't know they do. I take a piece that maybe they are comfortable with, say a top, and show them how to add additional items to turn that piece into a whole entire outfit. I like to believe that I have the ability to read people fairly well, and that is obviously a huge part of it. Styling is about showing an outfit to them and asking if they see themselves in it. If they don't then I have to find out, Why? What don't they like? what do they want to change? Sometimes, it's as simple as switching out a necklace. I am pretty much a detective when it comes to figuring things out. Which if you ask anyone that knows me, that's my dream job.  
    Kayleen also styles The Coquettes. You can see how she works with Michell and incorporates her individual style in each different outfit.
  • A Simple Hello

    Posted on February 20 2016


    Hey Coquettes!

    We just wanted to say 'hello'! Hopefully your Valentine's Day was spectacular. We know ours was. Seriously, a whole bottle of champagne and three hours of Netflix is pretty nice. Remember, the entire month of February we have a killer Valentine's Day sale going. 20% off select items. Check it out! xoxo

  • Your Valentine Basics

    Posted on February 08 2016

    Valentine's day is right around the corner and whether you're going out with your bae, or staying home chugging wine with your besties, make sure you look good & have your basics. 

    1). A killer outfit. Is this even a question? If you're having trouble picking out an outfit, stop in and let one of us help style you. We have an outfit for everyone - From casual to glam, we've go you covered. 

    2). Jewelry! Like lots and lots of it. The beautiful thing about our jewelry pieces is that you can mix, match and layer them. Stack up the rings, double up on necklaces, or make a statement with our Leslie Francesca Drop Earrings. 

    3). Shoes. Whether it be heels, boots, or flats, we have them all. Throw on a pair of shoes to complete your ensemble. 

    4). Clutch. Seriously, who the f$^! said a girl's best friend were diamonds? So not true. A girl loves her purse, but sometimes, you need to get rid of the bulky thing. Our Nena & Co. and BedStu clutches are perfect for V-day. Small enough to carry, yet there's enough room for your essentials: lipstick, perfume, keys, and cards. Best part? There is a wristlet loop so you won't lose it.

    5). BUBBLY. This is a no brainer, and a just-because. You gotta pop some champagne, or vino, or bottles of beer. Something! If your night was awesome, or terrible, kickback, pour yourself a glass (or five), and enjoy. 

    We hope you lovelies have a fabulous Valentine's Day. We know you'll look good no matter what you do. ;)

  • Friends in the community: Shop Dog Boutique

    Posted on February 01 2016

    It's no secret that we are all about trends, style, and looking great here at Coquette Couture. So it should come as no surprise that we feel the same way about our little fur babies. Yes, we dress our pups. Yes, we're serious. No, it's not abuse. They love it! 

    Hands down, our favoritest place in the world to bring our babies to shop is Shop Dog Boutique. Lucky for us, they are our neighbors here at The Bridges at 57th. Owner, Ellyn Suga and her fur baby Etta are just one of a million reasons to shop at Shop Dog. These babes are so stinkin' adorable, warm-hearted, loves animals, down to earth, laid-back, hilarious, and did we mention adorable? Serious girl crush going on, if you couldn't tell. She knows everyone and their fur babies by name. This is the only place we bring our four-legged friends. It's filled with only the best-of-the-best- food, supplies, treats, toys, name it, they've got it.       

    Which is why we spent an afternoon next door at Shop Dog with Rudy, Izzy, and Libby. They had a fabulous time trying on winter apparel. :)


    When we first walked into the store we were welcomed with a huge smile from, Hank. What a handsome hunk. Our heart melted. 

    Rudy wanted red flannel. So, we got Rudy red flannel. Ellyn worked her magic getting him fitted. 

    Libby was a little shy, but loved getting pampered and taking pictures with her mommy, Shanna. 

    "I'm a model...just click away." Libby rocked her plaid snap jacket.

    Um, did you say red American Apparel hoodie? Izzy looks so amazing in red! This is perfect for his relaxed Sundays. 

    "Who wants to go on a date?"- Rudy. 

    Rudy was ready to steal hearts with his bowtie.

    Rudy was all smiles for the family picture. (From right to left) Rudy, Izzy, and Coquette Couture owner, Kayleen.

    "Follow me! I know where the treats are." - Rudy.

    We had so much fun collaborating with Shop Dog Boutique, but not as much fun as our pups did. A big thank you to store owner, Ellyn, for helping us pick out outfits and letting our dogs fulfill their dreams of modeling. Make sure to check them out in-store or online 


  • Energy Boosting Smoothies

    Posted on January 23 2016

    Most of us start our mornings off with a cup of coffee for a caffeine kick, but sometimes you need something a little more wholesome. We have gathered 3 fruit-packed, energy boosting recipes that give you a head start on the day, and don't make you crash later on.

     Blueberries & Spinach. Blueberries and spinach are full of antioxidants which means they help keep the free radicals floating through your body in check. Both are also high in fiber and help keep you feeling full.


    1 cup of blueberries

    1 handful of spinach

    1/2 cup of Greek yogurt

    *you can add some honey, or agave nectar for more sweetness


    Berries & Greek Yogurt. Berries are good for helping fight stress (caused by free radicals), and Greek yogurt is high in pro biotics, which helps your digestive tract. 


    1/2 cup of strawberries

    1/2 cup of raspberries

    1/2 cup of Greek yogurt

    1 table spoon of agave nectar (or honey)

    1 teaspoon of chia seeds

    *Chia seeds are high in Omega-3 fatty acid


    Banana & Almond Milk. Bananas have a ton of energy. Two bananas have enough energy to get you through an intense 90-minute workout. Almond milk has a creamy taste and is a promoter for losing weight. These two make a great combo if you're looking for an energy boost and a weight-loss solution.


    2 bananas

    2 tablespoons of peanut butter 

    1/2 cup of almond milk

    1 tablespoon of honey (or agave nectar)

    *You can also add 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder for a chocolate taste, or protein powder for more protein.

    These recipes are very customizable, so you can add more of what you like or take something away. Try these smoothies and get a good start on your day! 

  • Coconut Oil & Beauty

    Posted on January 10 2016

    What if there was one beauty product that solved a multitude of your beauty problems? Well, let us introduce you to a little product we like to call miracle worker, jack of all trades, lastly and most commonly known as, coconut oil. 

    One of the amazing characteristics of coconut oil is that it's 100% natural and free of chemicals. A plus of coconut oil being natural is that it's good for your body and skin, so you don't have to worry about clogged pores. Since the coconut oil you buy will be from the store, (unless you have coconuts in your backyard) it will have gone through some sort of process such as bleaching, deodorizing, etc, so make sure you buy coconut oil that is unrefined and is extra virgin coconut oil. This way, the coconut oil is closest to its natural state, and is least processed.

    Coconut oil comes in a solid. The best part about that is you can take a pinch of the product between your fingers to warm it up quick. Or, if you want to use a lot, throw it in a bowl of hot water (keep it in the container) for a couple minutes, and the solid will melt into a liquid oil that is easier to spread across a larger surface area. 

    Now, on to the good stuff...

    1. Makeup Remover-

     Forget spending your money on makeup remover. Oil is great at breaking up substances. Your makeup, especially waterproof makeup, have a lot of water-resistant particles that make removing it difficult. How many times have you used a makeup wipe, went to bed, and woke up with makeup under your eyes the next morning? Well, with coconut oil you will no longer encounter that problem. Simply apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and rub it across the area(s) you wish to remove the makeup from. You may have to do this a couple times in order to remove all of it. Be careful not to get coconut oil in your eye. If you do, no big deal. Your vision will just be a blurry for a bit. 

    2. Moisturizer-

    If you compare oil and lotion on your body, you can see that the oil penetrates into your skin, while lotion just sits on the skin in a glob. This is why coconut oil is great to use as a moisturizer. Coconut oil helps strength tissue, remove dead skin cells, and will make you glow! You can use the coconut oil in solid form, or warm it up to a liquid and use it as a moisturizer on your face and body. Since oil is saturated, it is best to use before bed to minimize excess shine throughout the day. One of the best places to use moisturize with coconut oil is under your eyes! If using coconut oil as a body moisturizer is a little daunting at first, mix equal parts of coconut oil and body lotion for deep moisturizing product. 

    3. Hair Mask-

    Since coconut oil has all these benefits on your body, what can it do for your hair? Smoothness, shine, and repair. Make sure to use the hair mask BEFORE you shower, not after. Since it is oil, your hair may be a tad bit greasy if you put a bunch of it in after your shower. Before you go to bed, or a few hours before you shower, melt about 2-6 tables spoons of coconut oil (depending on hair thickness & length), and massage it through your hair. You can also directly apply the soil and massage it through your ends. Use this mainly on the ends of your hair so your roots don't soak up the product and look greasy after. Wrap your hair up in a bun; throw on a shower cap, or towel. Let the oil sit for a few hours, or sleep on it. The next day, simply wash your hair as usual and say hello to a fabulous hair day. 

    4. Lip Scrub-

    As mentioned earlier coconut oil in its natural state can be used as an exfoliator. To amp it up a bit, mix 1 table spoon of coconut oil and about 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar (you can also add a drop of vanilla, essential oils, or brown sugar also) to make a scrub. Take the mixture and scrub onto your lips. Let sit for about a minute, and remove. And wha-la, you have some soft lips for kissing. 

    There you have it. A few of our favorite uses for coconut oil. Are there any other ways you use coconut oil as a beauty product? 





  • Our New Year's Resolutions

    Posted on January 02 2016

    Happy New Years, everyone! The start of a new year brings feelings of getting a chance to start anew. That is exactly what we are doing here at Coquette Couture. Here are some of our resolutions....wish us luck & let's see if we can keep up on them. 


    1. Focus on positivity.

    2. Have more fun.

    3. Remember life's blessings. 

    4. Eat less mac & cheese. (The amount consumed does not exist...Mean Girls anyone?)


    1. Eat more greens.

    2. Think of a password other than "password". (Maybe we shouldn't have told ya that one).

    3. Have more "me" time. 


    1. Find something to be grateful for everyday.

    2. Exercise 3 times a week.

    3. Read for 30 minutes everyday.


    1. Be more present.

    2. Be more active.

    3. Be more positive. 

  • Coquette Cocktails: Holiday Edition

    Posted on December 26 2015


    The holidays are pure magic. It's no secret we like to celebrate the season, cocktail in hand. Festive drinks make every get together a little more merry. We're sharing with you all a few of our favorite wintry cocktails this season. Cheers! 

    Spiked Hot Cocoa:

    Everyone loves a good 'ole cup of hot chocolate. What makes it even better is Genepy Des Alpes Liquor. Genepy is a peppermint liquor that doesn't overpower. If you love chocolate and peppermint...this combination was made for you. Simply make a cup of your favorite hot cocoa, and add a shot (or two) of Genepy Des Alpes. We recommend a 1 ounce pour for every 8 ounces of hot chocolate. Dress up your beverage by adding crushed peppermint, marshmallows, and chocolate drizzle. 

    Cranberry Martini:

    Easy peasy lemon squeezie is all we have to say about this one. Three parts vodka, 1 part cranberry juice. Add a skewer of cranberries, and toast to a tasty cocktail!


    Do we need to say more? Break out the bubbly with your favorite people. Cheers!


    Have a safe and happy new year, Coquettes! 

  • Hostess Gift Guide

    Posted on December 15 2015

    Attending a holiday get together this winter season? Don't show up empty handed. I mean, we know gifts are never expected, but they sure are appreciated! The fabulous host or hostess of the partaay will be blushing at your thoughtfulness. :)

    Any host is sure to love these simple, yet perfect gifts-


    1. Rifle Paper Co. Coasters-

    2. Brooklyn Candle Co. Soy Candles -

    3. Darling Magazine: The Art of Being a Woman

    4. Cute Coffee Mug

    5. Last but not least, a bottle of WINE.  


  • Holiday Gift Guides

    Posted on December 03 2015

    I.) Scented Soy Based Candle 2.) Cable Knit Booties | 3.) Boot Cuff 4.) Rifle Paper Co. Notepads 5.) Animal Hand cream

    1.) Rifle Paper Co. Calendar 2.) Owl Coin Purse 3.) Dolce Vita Flats 4.) Scarf 5.) Gamine Sweater

    1.) Jewelry  2.) Scented Soy Candles 3.) Athena Sweater 4.) Bedstu Booties 5.) Tribal Makeup Bag

    1.) Leslie Francesca Drop Earrings 2.) Rifle Paper Co. Coasters 3.) Rumba Watches 4.) Cute Top 5.) Dottie + Me Top 

    1.) Bedstu Boots 2.) Bracelets 3.) Coin Purse 4.) Garance Dore Notebooks 5.) Sseko Tote

  • Holiday Health Tips

    Posted on November 26 2015

    With the holiday season near (uhmm, wasn't it just September?! &*%$) a few how-to-stay-healthy-tips won't hurt. Try these tips from store owner, Kayleen, to be a healthier you this season: 

    #1 (and the most important for me) Write out your menu for the week. "I have a journal that I create my menus in. Then on Sunday is my grocery and prep day. It is the best (for me) to do this once a week so I can make sure I have everything I need for the week to come.  I cook any chicken, turkey, or beef for that week. Since I eat 5-6 times a day, the journal helps me keep track of what I should be eating and not what I want to eat when the laziness sets in."
    #2 Pre-portion and set aside. "I portion out my meals in glad containers so I don't need to worry about it when I am in a rush. If you are new to this, it also helps to label and set aside your days. For instance, on Monday, I have my breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, and sinner all together in the same bag so I can't forget anything. It may seem a bit extreme but its easier to do this than realize I forgot my snack and lunch and run through a drive thru because I am starving."  
    #3 Use your resources. "Writing up a menu may seem a tad daunting for some.  I never just make up stuff up off the top of my head, I use ideas from books, pinterest, and bloggers. Advocare for instance (don't worry I am not trying to sell you anything), supplies with you a food book that breaks down your foods, the amounts, and the times. I pull recipes and ideas from there as well as Pinterest. It helps so I don't just eat chicken breast and rice for 4 days because that will get old REALLY fast and one day you will just say, "SCREW IT" and go get a cheeseburger and fries."
    #4 Do it with a friend. "Whether it is working out or eating well it's always good to have someone to help keep you accountable. My mom and my trainer are my 2 accountability cops. If I miss a workout, my trainer will call and my mom will tell him if I eat bad. She is one sneaky woman."
    #5 READ LABELS. "A little crazy, maybe. At this point it has kind of become fun for me. I have watched enough documentaries and done enough research to know what to look for. If I can't pronounce it, I won't buy it. That means almost everything in the chip aisle and frozen food section. The less processed foods in your life the healthier you will be. For instance, look at the back of bread. You may think you are being super healthy buying "wheat" bread but if you look at the ingredients it will say "Enriched bleached flower". Also, if something says "natural" or "organic" on it, still read the label because they still may have added sugar, dextrose, and high fructose corn syrup which are all the same, sugar multiplied by 3". 


    Your daily habits add up, and have a huge impact on your body. Start simple and make a change or two. Then, add a new healthy habit each week. Now, go and make these changes starting now; don't wait until the new year!

  • Meet: The Coquettes

    Posted on November 21 2015

    We have some exciting news to share...

    *drum roll please*

    We have two new Coquettes for the season. Meet Michell and Alba!

    Follow Michell at:

    Here's the scoop on Michell:

    "My name is Michell and you can probably find me sipping on coffee, looking at photography, and thinking of my wonderful husband. I love all things creative and want to surround myself with passionate and inspiring human beings. I have a constant desire for nature hikes, all things fitness, and anything adventured outdoors. Yet, I appreciate the art of fashion, clothes, and top trends. I guess I just want to embrace it all and encounter an endless amount of humbling experiences. I believe that we are all blessed and wish that we could all find goodness in one another. 



     Follow Alba at:

    Meet Alba...she's Albanian! 

    "Hi! I'm Alba. Currently, I am a junior at the University of South Dakota, studying Marketing. I am originally from Sioux Falls, but love living with my roommates in Verm-town. A fun fact about me is that I am fluent in speaking and writing Albanian. I love dressing up, but I'd take a pair of sweats and a sweater any day because, let's be real here, who has the time and energy in college to do it daily? ;)"


    There you have it, our new Coquettes. Aren't they darling? Catch more of these beauties on our Instagram at www.instagram/coquettecouture



  • 9 Items You're Sure to Love

    Posted on November 13 2015

    We've rallied up our favorite in-store finds that you can incorporate into your daily outfits...without breaking the bank! Our favorite items all under $50...

    1. Knee-High Socks: $16- These are perfect Transitioning piece. You can wear this with your favorite summer dress, or put them on to peek through your boots. Multiple colors available. 

    2. Statement Necklace: $20-$36- We have a variety of necklaces to choose from. This is an easy way to give your outfit an extra oomph and keep things fresh. 

    3. Walking on Sunshine Dress: $30.40- Is this dress sugar, spice and everything nice? OR, edgy? Add your jewelry, boots and moto jackets for an unexpected look. The choice is yours. 

    4. Say You Do Dress: $46- Easy and breezy. Ideal for your holiday get together.

    5. Floppy Hat: $25- Having a bad hair day? Throw on our hat and call it done. Pick from grey, black or olive.

    6. Flannel Button-Up: $48- Flannel is basically the definition of fall. These are the best for adding layers and staying warm.

    7. Black Eyelet Shorts: $20- Who says you can't wear shorts during winter? These eyelet-detail shorts will have you catching everyone's eye. Dress these babies up with a pair of tights, booties and you're good to go. 

    8. Candice Sweater Tunic: $45- Let's be real here...pants don't exist during winter. We are all about leggings and tunics. Our long, layered and comfy tunics are perfect with leggings while making you stand out in various colors.  

    9. Dotti & Me Coquette Tee: $32- Duh!! You're a Coquette. Show them what's up. 

  • 6 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf

    Posted on November 07 2015

    It's that time of year again...scarf season! If you live in the midwest, you will probably be wearing scarves for the next five months. This year, blanket scarves are more popular than ever. They are super cozy and are basically a blanket, but they can be a little hard to style sometimes. Here are some of our favorite ways to wear them. 

    1). The Knot. Fold your blanket scarf in half, place it around your neck, and pull the two sides through the loop. Simple enough. 

    2). Belt It. Wanna keep it casual, but look like you tried? Wrap yourself in the scarf, and add a belt across the waist. If your scarf has different patterned sides, you can get two different looks from the same scarf!

    3). Off-the Shoulder Wrap. Hang the scarf right over your shoulders and tie a knot with the ends. Perfect if a scarf falling off your shoulders pesters you. 

    4). The Cape. You may or may not look like a  stylish superhero. Give yourself a big hug and wrap your scarf across your upper body. This style gives you enough room to move freely while keeping you cuddled up and warm. Guaranteed. 

    5). Tried and True- it never fails. Start with your scarf in front of your neck in it's full form, drape it across your shoulders, and pull the corners forwards. 

    6). The Hoodie. Cold winter winds, snow fall, and frizz don't go well together. Wrap up your head to keep the heat in, and melting snowflakes out. Start with the scarf behind your head, head directly in the middle, and wrap one end around your shoulder, while the other end hangs down. You can use this piece to shield your face from the cold when you get outside. 


  • Pomegranate Moscow Mule

    Posted on October 31 2015

    Going out for drinks can be expensive. That is why we love a good recipe we can make at home. Here is our current fall favorite: A Pomegranate Moscow Mule. Cheers! 

  • Hair Tips + Tricks {Coquette Couture}

    Posted on October 18 2015

    We love our hair, but sometimes we don't have time to wash it every. single. day. Lucky for us, hair experts say it's not healthy for our hair to be washed on the daily, because it strips the essential oils that are essential. Here are some of our favorite tips to make your hair last longer with one wash. 

    Day 1:

    Start the week off with fresh, clean hair, and leave it natural. Wash it how you normally would. One thing we like to use after, is Bed Head's Ego Boost. This is a miracle worker. It is a split end mender and a leave-in conditioner. The product helps tame frizz by smoothing your hair. 

    Day 2:

    Your hair still looks great! This is the perfect day to curl your hair. If you wait 24 hours after you wash your hair, curls tend to hold better because it has some texture. Make sure to use a spray-on heat protector. If the curls are a little tighter, it's a plus for the next day because...

    Day 3:

    Your curls should be loose from the day before, yet still have bounce and/or a nice wavy touch. Touch up a few strands with the curling iron, if needed. Since it is the third day, your hair may be looking a little greasy at the roots and dull on the bottom. This is where the magic of dry shampoo happens. Follow the directions on your dry shampoo bottle, and make sure to rub it in, brush it out, and shake your head to get the powder blended properly. We like Redkin's Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo. Use L'Oreal Advanced Hair Care Total Repair 5 Multi-Restorative Dry Oil to add shine, a nice fragrance, and you're ready to go.

    Day 4:

    By day 4, your hair is on its last strands. Refresh your hair one last time with more dry shampoo. Toss on a hat, and call it good.

    And there you have it! Some tips and tricks for making hair last four days without using a lot of heat or spending hours on it.   

  • How to Accessorize a Black Outfit

    Posted on October 12 2015

    When I look into my closet, black seems to overpower the rest of the colors. Do you have the same problem? Who can blame ya? Black makes you look good and a little bit edgy, but you don't want to look like the Grim Reaper everyday. Here are a few of our tips to make your all black outfits a little different. 

    First and foremost, details. Look for black clothes that have little touches of detail to them. Lace on the sleeves, a showing zipper, or even a little leather on your pants. The details add a nice surprise to a black outfit. 

    A second option would be to make a statement. Throw a statement necklace, or scarf on that has bright colors in it. A black shirt will make the necklace, or scarf pop against the background of your shirt. This is a little touch that goes a long way. 

    Last but not least, use something you have with you every day to accessorize...your shoes and purse! Pick a fun colored purse, or detailed shoes, so when they are put together, the two accessories stand apart from your outfit and add dimension to your outfit. 

    Don't worry about ditching your favorite color combo, just add one, or all, of the suggestions above for a twist on the usual all-black outfit. 

  • Fall Essentials

    Posted on October 05 2015

    Pumpkin spice. Sweaters. Layers. Leaves falling. What does it all mean? It means fall is here! Here are a few of our fall essentials. 

    1. Plaid. Plaid. And more plaid. We love plaid. On shirts, or jackets, there is just something about a plaid flannel that says fall. Our favorites are ones that have more neutral tones, reds, and dark greens in them. 

    2. Scarves. On a chilly morning, a scarf is the perfect accessory to throw on and keep you warm. Find a bigger, chunkier scarf to incorporate into your outfits this fall. A simple touch that makes a statement. 

    3. Layers. "You're hot then you're cold." We secretly think Katy Perry was talking about fall weather when she wrote Hot N Cold. In the morning it's freezing, then by the afternoon your burning hot again. The solution to this dilemma while still looking good? Layers. Layer your favorite flannel over a tank top, throw on a scarf, and a light-weight jacket to complete the look. If you get warmer through the day, you can adjust appropriately. 

    4. Boots. Ridding boots, combat boots, booties, we love them all! Boots are the perfect piece for fall because they make transitioning outfits so easy. Take your favorite summer dress and add boots and a cardigan to make your outfit ready for fall. Plus, boots make outfits seem a little more chic, and they keep your feet warm! 

    Lastly, throw it all together, and you have one rocking fall outfit. 

  • Tips: Weekend-to-Work {Coquette Couture}

    Posted on September 27 2015

    The crisp fresh air of fall is upon us, and we are ecstatic to start wearing our go-to weekend warrior uniform of cuddly cottons, soft flannels, and warming wools. Just one of the hundred reasons why we love fall. But, what happens when Monday morning rolls around? Nothing sparks the Monday blues more than the idea of a stiff and starch work uniform. Here's how to take your favorite weekend essentials and cozy it up in a work office appropriate way. 

    Cozy Fall Attire -


    Cozy Fall Attire for the Office -



  • Fashion Week Food Diaries {Coquette Couture}

    Posted on September 21 2015

    Coquette Couture shop owner, Kayleen explains to us, "Staying in shape and eating healthy is always one of my top priorities week-to-week." She's a driven a gal with goals always on her mind. Which is why we sat down to visit about what a typical 3 day healthy diet looks like for her. "I'm not always perfect and I allow myself to cheat sometimes, but I find that's an important piece of the puzzle to maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle." Along with keeping to a strict gym habit with personal trainer, Travis Hackett of Complete Fitness, incorporating easy and healthy meals is key. Here's what she shared with us. - 

    From Kayleen - So most Sunday's or Monday's I prepare my food for the week. Then I'll just rotate the meals. This extra prep early week helps keep me on track and make healthy food choices. Here's my diary:

    Day 1:


    2 eggs, scrambled

    half an avocado and spread on ezekiel bread (you could toast it, but I don't like toast).

    2 links of turkey sausage (I cook a batch on Sunday's so they are ready to just reheat).


    Medium apple (honey crisp are my favorite!). I buy them organic because I hate the wax on regular ones.

    Spoon full of Natural Peanut butter (check the back to make sure it's just peanuts and oil). You can make your own peanut butter at the Co-op!


    Homemade chilli. Lots of protein and I know what's in it. Sometimes I allow myself a few saltine crackers.


    Greek yogurt. I get the Triple Zero Oiko. Check and make sure the yogurt you are getting has more protein than sugar.  

    Unsalted roasted almonds. Only six of them. It seems annoying to say that, but that is really all you should eat.


    I cook chicken breasts at the beginning of the week so there aren't excuses. I chopped up a chicken breast with 1 cup of Uncle Ben's brown and wild rice along with stir fry veggies.


    Day 2.


    Woke up late so I went with a handy dandy smoothie.

    I love Advocare's meal replacement in chocolate mocha, throw that in a blender with ice and 1/4 of water and a cup of frozen strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast.YUM


    Yogurt. I did strawberry Triple Zero.


    Taco Lettuce Wrap!  I buy the large romaine leaf.  Add taco meat which I made at the beginning of the week, and a little shredded cheese. I ate 2 of these babies! So delicious and the wraps cancel out the carbs so you can enjoy more than 1.


    Cucumber slices and a small "tuna on the go" cup.


    I was really craving a turkey sandwich! Since i didn't have tortillas for lunch, I did 2 slices of whole grain bread, little mayo, lettuce, roma tomato slices, and avocado slices.

    Day 3.


    1 Cup of steel cut oatmeal. I added a few frozen blueberries and blackberries.


    Deli turkey (6 slices) wrapped around lettuce and avocado. Simple, but good.


    Homemade chili, again.  NOMZZZZ!


    1 peach and 1/2 cup of cottage cheese. The cottage cheese has great protein.


    The chicken breasts I made at the beginning of the week...I chopped them up and threw one in a tortilla with a little cheese, avocado, tomato, and lettuce. Made myself a delicious little wrap with hummus and sliced peppers on the side.  


    There you have it folks! Sticking to a healthy diet and fitness routine keeps me going all week! 



  • How to: Style your rings like a pro!

    Posted on September 14 2015

    Bring your ring game to an all-time high with a few pro tips:

    1.) Slide heavier rings to the bottom of your fingers

    2.) Mix and match metals. Try utilizing primarily all gold, but then throw in a bold color for a pop.

    3.) Find rings that crisscross and/or link with chains.

    4.) Mix and match sizes. Incorporate smaller sizes for your the top of your fingers.

    5.)  Find pieces that are unique in shape. 

  • Fall's Must-Have Shoe

    Posted on September 01 2015

    Every closet needs (at least) one quality pair of the following. This is the basic list:

    • Tall riding boots
    • Ankle bootie
    • Flats
    • Sandals

    Shop our shoe-game here:


  • Cafe Date Essentials

    Posted on August 26 2015

    You guys!!!! The crisp air of fall is literally right around the corner. Well actually, for those who get that warm-fuzzy, tingly, heart-warming, boost-of-endorphins, feeling inside with the first sniff of fall air, it's been here since late July. Anybody else? We know we're not the only ones. Either way, we. are. EXCITED!!!

    With fall comes our absolute favorite past time - coffee shop dates with our cool gal pals. Our top 3 caffeine hangouts to frequent in Sioux Falls are: 1.) Coffea Roasteria 2.) Queen City Bakery 3.) Josiah's Coffeehouse & Cafe. Up your coffee shop game this fall with this cozy ensemble.   

    Sweater: $ | Casablanca Dress: $78 |  Bedstu bag: $145  | Dolce Vita flats: $130

  • DIY: Boho Hula Hoop Hideout

    Posted on August 12 2015

    Who could forget the magical Boho scene from last fall's look book? Mixing golden hour, the perfect Coquette pieces, and a colorful Boho hula hoop hideout. For those who know shop owner, Kayleen know how crafty this talented lady is. Building props, like this Boho hula hoop hideout for our look book sets is one of the best parts of the job. Kayleen demonstrates how she crafted this dream-worthy hideout.        


    1. Hula hoop (the bigger the hoop, the bigger the tee pee)
    2. Curtain Panels (color of your choosing)
    4. Scissors 


    1. Tie window panels around the hula hoop. Don't tie them too tight, so you can slide them around.  

    2. Cut two long pieces of twine. Tie one side to the hula hoop and with excess slack, tie to the other side.  Do not tie extremely tight, so you can adjust the height as needed. Do the same on the opposite direction. Hang where the X meets.  
    3. Grab your pillows, blankets, magazines, wine glass, and create your Boho hide out!

    Enjoy your perfect hideout! :) 

  • Coquette's Back-to-School Essentials

    Posted on August 08 2015

    Our #1 back-to-school essential this year is the Bed Stu Shiloh Backpack. Compliments your school uniform and holds all your needed accessories. :)


  • Coquette Couture: One Dress, 3 Ways...

    Posted on July 27 2015

    We've all been there. Standing in front of your closet, saddened by its selection (or lack thereof), wondering what we're going to wear and thinking, 'I have no clothes!" That was just us this morning. Well, no worries. What you really need is a few tips and tricks on how to mix 'n match outfits using your same fave essential piece.

    Take your favorite sun dress:

    1.) Your average day out - Wear it all on its own. The way you originally imagined it. Pair with sandals, a Bed Stu purse, and hit the door.

    2.) Country concert or an outdoor wedding - Pair with your fave rustic boots. Add a denim top and tie at the waist. Bonus: Add a loose side-braid.

    3.) Work or a casual business meeting - Dress it up with a blazer or fitted cardigan and finish with flats.    

  • Coquette Summer Drink: Aloe Lemonade!

    Posted on July 23 2015

    Aloe Vera is an incredible plant packed with vitamins and powerful amino acids. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, perfect for soothing your insides. It increases immune function and helps to detoxify the body. Take advantage of aloe’s natural healing abilities with this tasty and thirst quenching Aloe Lemonade. Yum! 

    Aloe Lemonade Recipe: 

    1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

    1/2 cup aloe vera juice

    2 cups water

    honey for sweetener


    Combine ingredients, stir and enjoy! *Add your favorite vodka for a little cocktail twist. :)


  • Weekend at the Lake

    Posted on July 20 2015

    Looking forward to a weekend at the lake cabin or maybe a quick getaway camping trip? Being fashionistas we always tend to over pack but who likes to lug all that around?! We packed up our favorite Nena & Co tote full of items to keep the weekend simple yet stylish.

    Included in our weekender are jean shorts, which is pretty much the only shorts you need to pair with any top you bring. We LOVE this comfy and light Micheal Stars tank to wear in the summer heat. Also, we packed up our neutral Brian James sandals that will go with just about any outfit.


    Nobody wants to waste time messing with their hair when the whole point of being at the lake is to get a little dirty. We packed up our favorite salt spray to give our locks a simple beach wave and a patterned headband is an easy way to add a cute touch while keeping hair out of the face. Win, win!

     Roll up a beach blanket for relaxing in the sand and don’t forget the sunscreen and a pair of cute sunnies!

     Happy adventuring Coquettes!

  • Skin Firming Coffee Scrub

    Posted on June 29 2015

    With summer comes short shorts and swimsuits. We found a great way to rid of cellulite in problem areas to make bikini season a little less terrifying.

    You will need: a bristle shower brush, coffee scrub, and anti-aging night cream.

    Let your shower water warm as you buff your skin with the bristle brush. You may need to start with a softer brush and work your way up to a coarser bristle. Scrub fairly hard on the spots that need to be treated.

    Hop in the shower and apply the coffee scrub, vigorously. We recommend our favorite handmade, all-natural Simple Sugars coffee scrub. Come check it out in the store!

    Once you’re done, use your towel to pat dry your skin. Then apply the night cream to the areas you just treated. Olay Age Defying Anti Wrinkle Night Cream is our go to, but any anti wrinkle cream would work.

    Not only is this regimen effective it smells amazing too! Cheers to showing some leg this summer!

  • 6 Perfect Wedding Guest Styles

    Posted on June 18 2015

    Snail mail. Good these days for bills, junk mail and more bills. Except wait, it’s wedding season! Those perfectly handwritten, deliciously designed, and whole-heartedly self-addressed wedding invites are rolling in like crazy. We all know last year’s frock already made its Instagram debut, and the trick to making a good impression begins with a killer new outfit. We have the perfect wedding guest ensembles that could almost land you in a style battle with the bride. Grab your plus-one and we’ll see you at the wedding.

  • Summer Closet Essentials

    Posted on June 10 2015

    01. A statement necklace is great to have on hand when your outfit needs a little something. This one goes with multiple styles and is great for dressing up t-shirts.

    Sarah Necklace // $ 75

    02.  Cute nude sandals will save your life this summer. They pair with almost any outfit and pack light for vacations.

    Katherine // $68

    03. White jeans are ideal for dressing up your summer sleeveless tops. They are neutral and easy to match outfits with.

    White Ankle Skinny Jean // $145

    04. Casual summer looks call for denim shorts. They are quintessential for concerts, weekends at the cabin, or for an everyday outfit look.

    Destroyed Denim Roll-Ups // $128

    05. Need to dress up for work, but want to be comfortable? Maxi dresses are the solution! So comfy and super cute.

    Drop a Line Maxi // $65

    06. A cute bralette is essential for your sheer or backless summer shirts. Stylish and functional!

    Love Your Cross Back Bra // $29

    07. Need a partner for your summer adventures? This leather backpack will carry all your goods without cramping your style.

    Shiloh // $306

  • Coquette Cocktail: Strawberry Mimosas!

    Posted on May 26 2015

    With the start of summer comes many celebrations. From bridal showers to graduations, this drink is sure to be a guest pleaser. Here we show you our favorite flavor-packed strawberry mimosa! All you need is champagne (we used Korbel Sweet Cuvee), Naked Juice Berry Blast for the strawberry flavor, and fresh strawberries. Fill your flute half with juice and half with champagne. Garnish with a strawberry and you have a quick and delicious celebratory drink. Cheers!





  • Meet Our Brand: Bed |Stu

    Posted on May 26 2015

    Over here at Coquette Couture, we are so in love with the craftsmanship of Bed | Stu’s products. No two pairs of shoes, belt or any bag is ever identical. Using organic dye and free-range leather when possible, we envy Bed Stu’s values for quality. Working with genuinely natural leathers and materials they create products that are just like us, naturally imperfect. This is why we love carrying this beautiful brand.



    01  /  MARILYN $135

    02  /  HUSTLE $265

    03  /  JULIANA $150

    04  /  SOTO $98

    05  /  BILTMORE $265


    01  /  FRANKIE  $145.00

    02  /  TAHITI $160.00

    03  /  HERMOSA $135.00

    04  /  EASTEND $135.00

    05  /  SHILOH $306.00




  • Meet Shop Owners: Kayleen + Vicki

    Posted on May 26 2015

    Meet the ladies (and pup) behind Coquette Couture. :)
    What was your first job out of college and how did you land it?
    I started Coquette Couture during my senior year of college.  It was originally meant to be online only.  We didn’t plan on expanding until we were presented with an opportunity at the Bridges.  In the meantime, to make ends meet and pay bills I coached at All American Gymnastics Academy.
    You have been at The Bridges at 57th for over 2 years now. Tell us more about your roots and how you got started.
    After initially being online, we wanted to explore what a store front would be like without having to be stuck somewhere. We opened a kiosk in the Empire Mall and later at Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to those locations we also tried getting our name out there by hosting booths at the Brookings Arts Festival, SME Women in Business, ETC. For Her, and private shoe parties.
    How did you discover your passion for fashion, clothing, shoes, etc.?
    I wish I could share this grand story on how I loved to dress up since I was little, but I would be lying. I was actually a huge tomboy. At one point I even wore Fubu jeans. I hated anything “girly” or the color pink. My mom had to pretty much beat me into a dress. It wasn’t until high school where I would voluntarily wear a skirt. After that, I made the mistake of being a self-proclaimed ‘Abercrombie Queen,’ and was even voted best-dressed in high school.
    I loved looking at fashion magazines, but never wanted to stand out by wearing things that wasn’t “cool.” It wasn’t until college where I started to develop my own style and stopped caring about what other people thought. I really got into designers. Learning about them, reading about them, and trying to find stuff that looked like items in magazines, but within my college budget. I’d have to say shoes were my first love. I remember my very first pair of heels. They were bronze Nine West, peep-toe pumps, that I never wore, but I thought I was so cool because I owned them.
    Tell us about Coquette Couture. How did you build your brand?
    Coquette started as a project for school.  In order to graduate we had to create a fake company and build a business plan around it.  I decided that if I were going to do all of that work, it wouldn’t be for a fictional company.
    I brainstormed, came up with a rough draft, and presented to my parents.  After a little interrogating, they were all for it and so incredibly supportive.
    Next came the name.  My mom and I spent hours trying to come up with a store name using letters from her name, my name, and my grandmas. We failed terribly. We Googled “cool store names,” typed “flirty girl” into a translator, and “Coquette” was born. My love for shoes came in handy for this, because I knew I wanted to do quality footwear that would last multiple seasons, and not break the bank.
    What has been the most challenging thing about owning and operating your own business?
    Originally, the biggest challenge was being a 22 year old female.  Even though it’s the fashion industry, men still predominantly run it. It was hard to be taken seriously by most people, banks and even brands. I constantly felt talked down to and ran into a few situations where we were taken advantage of and essentially cheated.
    Now, I would say the biggest challenge is my time.  When does work stop and a normal life of a 25 year old start, how to balance things so I can spend time with my friends and family.
    Tell us about yourself?
    First and foremost I am very family oriented. I consider my mom my best friend and my dad my hero. My brothers are my buddies, and my nephews are my favorite form of entertainment. I am a dog mom of two. I would prefer to be outdoors. Napping is my favorite pastime. I am fluent in sarcasm and have been told I can be quite sassy. I love being around people, but I consider myself an introverted extrovert.
    What draws your clients into the boutique?
    We treat our customers like our friends.  We shop WITH them.  Our goal is to  make each woman feel as confident as possible.   If something isn’t the best color for them, we tell them.   We have a fun light hearted atmosphere, great customer service, and unique pieces.
    My mom and I hand select every item for our store. We only carry six sizes of each style to guarantee exclusivity to our customers. We love unique pieces and bringing new trends to the Midwest. What we try and focus on is taking trends and making them more wearable for everyday and also every body type.
    Tell us about going to market?
    I actually get this question a lot.  People often think how fun it is and glamorous it must be.  In reality it’s A LOT of work. By 5 p.m. we are back at the hotel, shoes off, in sweatpants, and ordering room service. It has gotten easier over time and it is just a matter of predicting what our customers will want. Some items that we think are going to sell like crazy, may not sell at all. While others we are unsure of sell in a day. It is very unpredictable. Not to mention we cram buying for two seasons in only three days, or sometimes even one day.
    How would you define fashion and confidence?
    I think confidence is essentially a fashion statement. I’m a firm believer that as long as you feel confident in your clothes, you will look as chic as ever. The most important aspect of fashion is your style. Fashion is essentially just the clothes you put on your body, but your style is your own personal take on that “fashion” turning it into whatever you want it to be.
    What’s your go-to Saturday look?
    I am all about simplicity when it comes to my clothes. I have about 10 white v-neck tees.  I feel most confident when I am in jeans and a tee to be honest. I’ll dress is up if I’m going into work with a long pendant and some great wedges or converse and a baseball cap. I wear the same jewelry almost every day…All the pieces I wear are either my grandma’s or gifts from my parents.
     Best moment of your career so far?
    I had a woman in here shopping one day and said she needed a whole outfit…she was very indecisive and unsure about everything, but I walked her through it. Two hours later, we find her a perfect outfit.  While at the register, she tells me she has a date and hasn’t been on one for over a year. She poured out that an ex had broken her heart and she began crying and hugged me, thanking me for helping her feel beautiful again. That was, by far, one of my favorite moments, ever.
     Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    Ideally, I would love to open another store. I also can see myself doing some designing eventually, as well.
     Tell us what a typical day looks like at Coquette Couture.
    Oh gosh, emails start rolling in at 7 a.m.  I purposely don’t answer them until I get to the store, otherwise it’ll take me even longer to get ready.  After I open, it’s light cleaning and then to the computer.  Answering emails can take 30 minutes or hours depending on how busy we are.  Alternating between customers, online orders, and organizing. That’s my day.
    What fashion essentials are you seeing for 2015 and 2016?
    Summer – anything stripe and floral (navy is back). In the store we are super big into muscle tees.  Menswear-inspired with oversized boyfriend jeans and loafer looking sandals.  Fall/winter – more abstract prints instead of Aztec, although it that will still make a minor appearance.  We are seeing a lot of muted neutrals – burnt orange, dark emeralds and purples.
     Who’s your favorite designer and why?
    Favorite designer for their style: Marc Jacobs.  I love how he plays with vintage prints, but with trendy silhouettes.  I love men’s wear inspired items that are still wearable.  I would love to go to a runway show of his at New York Fashion Week.
    Favorite high end designer as a person: Diane Von Furstenburg.  She has such an incredible story and her attitudes towards her life, business, and how she treats people is something I can connect with and aspire to be more like.
    Favorite entrepreneur/smaller scale designer. Sophia Amoruso. She is such a badass. I have read and re-read her book.  Even though she is no longer the CEO of Nasty Gal, she is an integral part and so incredibly creative.

    Best thing about living in Sioux Falls, SD?
    Being from a small town, I love the “small town feel,” yet everything is so accessible at the same time.   If I want to escape and go to a secluded park in the middle of nowhere with my dogs, there are options within a 20 minute drive. Nights when I’m an insomniac, I can hit up Boss’s Pizza at 3 a.m. The most exciting part of Sioux Falls when it comes to the business aspect is the growth.
    Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
    “Don’t borrow trouble.”  My grandma used to say it and now my mom says it all the time. It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed in a job, but I’ve learned to tackle each problem, one-at-a-time. I’m the most creative when I’m stressed.
    What would people be surprised to know about you?
    I genuinely like to be alone. I always joke that I’m a 90 year old woman trapped in a 25 year old body.  I love staying at home, in my sweats, with my dogs, and binge watching Judge Judy.
    Fun facts about you and/or Coquette Couture:
    1. My dream pet is a mini pig named Silvia
    2. My moms middle name is my first name
    3. I HATE heights.
    4. I had a pet frog in college named Frankie. It had teeth and I fed it baby mice
    5. I like snakes, but hate spiders
    6. Coquette was never initially supposed to be a clothing store.
    Catch more of Kayleen, Vicki, Rudi, and everything behind-the-scenes at Coquette 

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